Sicilian legends

Monreale (ME), mosaic According to the legend, in the early, early times, our Lord created the world.
It was quite a job. The ocean, the earth, the animals, and then men and women. He looked down and was very satisfied.

People were so good, he decided to give them a prize. He looked again: the ocean was clear, the sun was shining. The earth was splendid with plants and flowers. The animals were beautiful and sweet. What else? May be too many rocks here and there, too much sand in the desert. There should be something very special: a diamond!

He chose the best of all diamonds and threw it into the sea: It was Sicily! The most beautiful among our islands.

The Legend of Colapesce

The Legend of Colapesce There was a boy by the name of Cola.
He was always in the sea, almost living together with fishes. His mother got very upset and shouted at him: "May you become a fish!".

Immediately, Cola’s skin turned scaly, his fingers became goose-like and he was nicknamed Cola-fish. One day, the King heard about the extraordinary qualities of this sailor, and decided to test him. The King threw a ring into the sea, and sent Cola to rescue it, and describe in the meantime the sea-bottom.
Cola got the ring and told the king that he saw Sicily standing on three columns: the first one was very steady, the second one was already broken and the third one was on the way to breaking.
He spoke about awful monsters, huge valleys, enormous caves and fire, but the king didn’t want to believe him.

Then Colapesce returned to the bottom of the sea to burn a piece of wood to proove what he said and he plunged into the sea. The piece of the burnt wood re-emerged but Colapesce did not return.

Sicilians like thinking that he decided to support on his shoulders Sicily columns.


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