Important cities of Sicily: Valle alcantara

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Alcantara river. Photo: Fabrizio Raneri The Reserve, nowadays replaced by the newset up Alcantara Regional Park, includes a part of the territori of the Alcantara River and its wonderful morphologies, shaped by its waters over the centuries.

This is particularly verifiable in the spot where the river crashes into an imposing lava flow, carving unique and suggesting overhanging gorges.
Together with an impressive group of lakes, springs, and falls, it is also possible to observe the marvellous columnar-structured lava flows with a prismatic base, decorating the splitted  rock-faces of the basaltic rock.

The study of these lava flows, carried out by geologists in their inner section thanks to the fluvial erosions, revealed several and important secrets about the history of Mount Etna and the sequence and dislocation of its eruptions over the years.


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